Free No Ads Public DNS

Switch your DNS over to this free no ads public DNS.

Simply set your DNS to

Not sure how to change your DNS settings? Then take a look at “The Ultimate Guide to Changing Your DNS Server” and use this IP address:

How does it work?

This free no ads public DNS uses Pi-hole as a DNS server. Pi-hole is a Domain Name Server (DNS) that filters your internet traffic for advertisements. It does this by matching domain names with names on a blacklist. If the name is on it, then Pi-hole will simply not resolve the domain name.

Why use this service?

Not all ads will get blocked, but most will. This free no ads public DNS service will give you network-wide protection against ads, save you bandwidth and improve your overall network performance. It also bans malware sites, warez, phishing sites and other nasty domains.

What is the fine print?

This service is provided as-is and without any warranty. We are not responsible for any downtime, damages or other liability arising from the use of this service. This service does not store domain queries. It does, however, store IP addresses for security purposes. The block-lists are managed by other individuals.

Want to know more?

Check out this great video by Pi-hole for additional information. Also learn more at: Feel free to donate to their cause!

See the video for more information about Pi-hole.

Hosting your own Pi-hole server? Let us know in the comments below.

Want to host your own Pi-hole server? Then check out the Pi-hole setup guide.

Which domains are banned?

Some domains are banned due to advertising and others due to malware.

The following individuals and communities have done lots of work to create these lists!

Steven BlackhpHosts 
Disconnect.MeMalware Domains

**Thanks for keeping the Internet safe! **