Don’t waste-a-money!!!

I have several AWS EC2 and RDS instances running in the cloud. All of which are for development and testing purposes. With AWS you only pay for what you use. It thus makes sense to run these instances when I need them.

One would, therefore, think a smart individual would have the common sense to turn off these instances when they are not needed. After all, I am the one shouting “Don’t waste-a-money!!!”, when the lights are turned-on unnecessarily.

However, no, I am not that individual smart individual that turns of the AWS instances. Instead, I am the individual that gets the bill from AWS and goes WTF!

The solution

The solution is quite simple! It’s called an AWS IoT Button. What is it? Well, it’s a programmable Wi-Fi button that can be configured to execute code in the cloud. In my case, I plan to use my IoT button to execute Lambda code in AWS that will turn-off/on my EC2 and RDS instances!

AWS IoT Button Process

So basically, You press your IoT button, it sends a message to the AWS IoT Core which then executes my Lambda script!

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