About Us

Anto created Anto Online in 2018 after visiting a very inspiring AWS event. It was an event like no other, and there must have been tens-of-thousands of fellow innovators and technology enthusiasts. The AWS event made Anto feel like anything is possible; it’s ok to make mistakes and inspired Anto to share his journey online. Hence the site Anto being online.

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You can contribute an article or be a guest writer on Anto Online. Guest posting is an excellent way to grow as a writer and will help you increase your exposure and brand. Please use the contact form, and let us know if you are interested.

About the Author

Anthony Mastoroudes works for a Cloud computing company by day and as a Cloud computing hobbyist by night. What is Cloud computing hobbyist? Well, someone who loves to play with technical things in the Cloud. Anto is by no means a Dev Ops person but loves Dev Ops concepts. Similarly, Anto is not a developer by-day but enjoys coding. One day Anto is obsessed with WordPress, and the next day Anto explores Ubuntu. And, so the pattern goes. Anto has been in the computing industry since 2003 and has learned a lot over the years.

What is Anto Online?

Anto Online is for anyone who loves to tinker and innovate online.

Our readers are technically minded and want:

  • To know to solve technical issues.
  • Learn how to use Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • To code with PHP, HTML, JavaScript and Bash.
  • Host applications such as WordPress, NextCloud, MySQL and PiHole.
  • Learn more about operating systems such as Ubuntu and Windows.

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Connect with Anto if you have any questions, recommendations found technical or grammatical errors, or you want to say hi.

You can connect using one of the following ways:

Anto will try to answer all communications within 24 hours. Click here to contact us.