Anto Online likes to take on different project initiatives to experiment with technology concepts.

Here are some of the current projects:

  • Linux Chatter is an exciting new WordPress RSS aggregation service that provides content on the most relevant topics in Linux news, Bash and Shell Scripting cloud concepts security, etc. Contact Anto Online if you would like to add your feed.
  • Dev-Dash helps you easily and quickly secure your AWS EC2 instances using security group rules. It allows you to dynamically control in and out ports between yourself and various instances in the Cloud. Dev-Dash will determine your public IP and then auto-apply all the rules. In addition, Dev-Dash can auto-shutdown EC2 instances in different timezones. You don’t need to build Lambda functions or code; give Dev-Dash IAM access with sufficient roles. Contact Anto Online if you are interested in trying it out. No VPN is required.
  • The Host Guru is Anto Online’s own Linux-based Docker hosting platform. Our servers host websites, open-source apps, email servers, and other bits and bobs. Of course, Ansible and Jenkins are at the heart of our deployment process. Anto Online also provides hosting services to fellow organizations, entrepreneurs, and startups.
  • Down Alert is a new project for 2022 that aims to provide affordable website uptime monitoring worldwide. In addition, Down Alert will provide further tests to help determine issues other than just HTTP or SSL status.