I love taking on different project initiatives to experiment with technology concepts!

Check out some of my current projects:

  1. Anto Online – My educational blog, where I share my knowledge about Ubuntu Linux, coding, and cloud computing. I’m passionate about inspiring others to explore cloud computing and am always here to help. Feel free to check out my “Need Help” page!
  2. – a free service that offers subdomains and dynamic DNS for those who want to host their own servers.
  3. The Host Guru – my very own Linux-based Docker hosting platform! Our servers host websites, open-source apps, email servers, and more. I rely on Ansible and Jenkins for our deployment process and also provide hosting services to fellow organizations, entrepreneurs, and startups.
  4. Down Alert – aims to provide affordable website uptime monitoring worldwide. Additionally, Down Alert will offer further tests to help diagnose issues beyond just HTTP or SSL status.

I’m excited about these projects and can’t wait to see what comes next!

GitHub Repositories

I enjoy coding as well; it’s like meditation for me. Why not visit my GitHub repositories and see if you find anything useful? I’m open to new ideas, too, so feel free to share your thoughts.

ansible-playbook-lambda-python-s3-s3-eventDeploy a Lambda Function, S3 and S3 Event using Ansible.
aws-lambda-python-send-email-wth-attachment-to-sesThis Python script is an AWS Lambda function that reads HTML files from an S3 bucket and sends them as emails using Amazon SES. It extracts metadata from files, composes emails with attachments, sends them, and moves the files to different folders in the bucket based on the sending success.
aws-lambda-python-send-sms-to-twillio-from-s3Send an SMS to Twilio using an AWS Lambda Python function triggered from an S3 bucket put event.
backup-mysql-dbs-and-files-to-aws-s3-via-bashUseful and highly configurable Bash script to backup MySQL databases, folders, zip them, and then upload them to AWS S3.
bash-script-aws-cloudwatch-delete-log-groupsThis script automates the process of deleting AWS CloudWatch log groups in a specified region. It retrieves the list of log groups, prompts the user for confirmation, and then deletes them one by one. Ideal for cleaning up unnecessary log groups and reducing storage costs.
bash-script-dns-propagation-checkerThe script allows users to query DNS servers for a domain's record types and log the output.
bash-script-docker-virustotal-scan-containersBash script that backs up Docker images or containers, and then scans them using VirusTotal.
bash-script-kill-zombie-processesThis script identifies and eliminates zombie processes on a Linux system. It first detects all zombie processes, then iterates through each one, killing the parent process to clean up the zombies. If necessary, the script will forcibly kill the parent process to ensure the removal of the zombie process.
bash-script-monitor-docker-high-cpuThis script monitors CPU load on a system running Docker and generates a report if the load exceeds a specified threshold. It displays the top 5 containers contributing to high CPU load, overall CPU usage, and top 50 processes on the host. Optionally, the report can be sent to Slack if a webhook URL is provided.
bash-script-wordpress-docker-fix-permissionsThis script identifies running WordPress instances in Docker containers and fixes their file and directory permissions. It sets the correct ownership, file, and directory permissions for the WordPress root directory, and adjusts group permissions for the wp-content folder and its subdirectories.
bash-script-wordpress-docker-run-cronThis script locates running WordPress instances in Docker containers and triggers the execution of their cron jobs. It iterates through each WordPress instance, changes to the WordPress root directory inside the container, and runs the `wp-cron.php` script as the `www-data` user.
bash-script-wordpress-docker-verify-checksumsThis script checks the integrity of WordPress installations running in Docker containers by verifying their checksums using wp-cli. It identifies containers running WordPress instances, installs wp-cli if necessary, and runs the wp core verify-checksums command.
clamscan-dockerThis Docker container will use ClamAV to scan a mounted volume for viruses and send an email or Slack message if a virus is found.
docker-wordpress-customThis wp-config.php configures WordPress using environment variables.
invoiceninja-4.5.34A Docker image built using php:7.2.30-apache-buster and Invoice Ninja 4.5.34.
jenkins-tool-create-mysql-db-and-userThis Jenkins pipeline creates a MySQL user and database, taking parameters for stack code, app code, encoding, max connections, MySQL host, and port. It installs the MySQL client, generates a random password, creates the database and user, and flushes MySQL privileges.
jenkins-tool-create-random-character-stringsThis Jenkins pipeline generates random usernames and passwords based on the provided length parameters. It then creates various password hashes, including base64, SHA-256, and MD5, and outputs the generated username and password hashes to the console.
jenkins-tool-wordpress-replace-site-urlThis Jenkins pipeline updates WordPress URLs in a database. It takes parameters for old and new URLs, MySQL credentials, and the WordPress table prefix. It checks for and installs the MySQL client if needed, then runs SQL queries to replace the old URL with the new one in relevant fields.
jenkins-tool-wordpress-reset-user-passwordThis Jenkins pipeline resets a WordPress user's password on the MySQL database.
laravel-8-site-templateA Basic Laravel 8 site template with login, logout, password reminder, and other functionality.
python-check-all-opensrs-email-dnsEmail Config Checker checks emails account spf, dns, dkim and email reachability.
python-cloudflare-dns-checkerThis script retrieves all A and AAAA records for all domains in a Cloudflare account, and performs DNS and basic HTTP/HTTPS status code checks to verify that the records are set up correctly.
python-dnssec-checkerDNSSec checker for domains to validate if all is OK.
simple-maven-app-for-jenkinsThis Java code is a simple "Hello, World!" application. It contains a class named `App` in the package ``. The `main` method prints "Hello World!" to the console when the program is executed.
sync-local-files-to-aws-s3-via-bashThis is a simple bash script to upload css and image files to a public AWS S3 bucket.
wordpress-plugin-request-loggerWordpress plugin to determine the request headers being sent.
wp-youtube-lyteEmbed YouTube on WordPress for optimal performance