A command-line interface, also known as a CLI, is a type of user interface that allows users to enter commands to be executed by a computer program. CLI is contrasted with graphical user interfaces (GUI), which allow users to interact with programs using graphical icons and menus. Command-line interfaces are often used when working with complex systems or performing tasks that require precision, such as system administration. They can also be faster and more efficient than GUIs for specific tasks. However, CLIs can be difficult to learn and use, especially for novice users. Despite these challenges, CLIs remain popular for many users and are an essential part of computing history.

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Having started his career in 1999 as a Desktop Support Engineer, Anto soon changed paths and became a developer. After several years of development experience, he transitioned into a consultant. As an enterprise application consultant for a leading SaaS software provider, Anto specializes in AWS's serverless technologies. By day, Anto focuses on helping customers leverage the power of serverless technologies. By night, he indulges his passion for cloud computing by playing with Python and trying out things that are currently beyond the scope of his work. Sometimes Anto needs help as there are not enough hours at night. So Anto relies on a team of fellow Cloud enthusiasts to help him out. Each one is a Cloud expert in their own right, and Anto takes great pride in helping them learn and grow.

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