Contributing is one of the best ways to promote your website. This technique has been used for decades now, and yet it is still very effective.

Let us look at more advantages of guest blogging on Anto Online:

1. Backlink

Backlinks help in increasing the Authority of your site. Besides, Google considers a website with many quality backlinks as a trusted source. Hence it ranks such websites higher on the SERPs.

A single backlink is enough for one post. Inserting more links will trigger negative signs of the algorithms. If this happens, Google will consider your website spam. The best way to get more backlinks is by writing more guest posts.

2. Exposure to targeted traffic

Anto Online always gets targeted traffic. So, for example, 90% of our readers will be interested in your topic if it’s about Linux, Code, Cloud Computing, or DevOps.

Do not publish your blog to a website that is not related to your content. This is because Google will see it as spam content, and you will end up losing your rankings.

 3. Frequent content crawling

A site that receives frequent blog updates is crawled many times by search crawlers. If you want your site to receive such crawls, then you need to publish it on Anto Online.

4. Authority

Your blog gets more Authority by linking with high-quality sites. An authoritative site can rank high on competitive keywords. If your blog is not authoritative enough, then you have to settle for the less competitive keywords.

5. Ranking

Getting a higher ranking for your blog is a guarantee because Anto Online provides excellent quality backlinks. Apart from the backlinks, guest posting also increases your social sharing and following.

Rules for sharing content

As you can see, there are many benefits to sharing your content. But, please consider the following:

  • Make sure that you understand the nature of the content we publish. Our readers enjoy topics related to: Linux, Code, Cloud Computing and DevOps.
  • The information should be correct, factual and to-the-point. So, use short paragraphs (2 to 3 lines). Also use sub-sections, list items and so forth.
  • Our readers love quality and in-depth knowledge, so don’t disappoint them! Posts should be a minimum of 800 words.
  • You must give credit where credit is due, so please mention your sources.
  • Your content must be written for Anto Online and must only be published here.
  • Please ensure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Provide maximum 1 external link for your 800 words of content.

We charge a standard rate of USD 100 per post via Pay Pal.

We will in-turn:

  • Assign a feature image to your post.

We will respect your contribution. However, we will remove your content if we find out that your content is not original. The same goes if your brand no longer aligns with ours.

By submitting your content:

  • You give Anto Online copyright ownership of the content submitted.
  • You also give us the right to edit your content if we deem fit.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

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