Best Plugins to Aid Your WordPress SEO

SEO is so relevant in this era that no website can afford to ignore it. One of the best ways to put this technique into practice is by the use of plugins on WordPress. They make work easier, especially when it comes to optimizing the content. But, there has been a significant increase in the number of SEO plugins.

As such, it makes it difficult for people to find the best. This is why we have decided to come up with a list of plugins that will boost your rankings. Always test new plugins and see how to affect you as well as your SEO strategy.

1. YoastSEO

YoastSEO is the best and one of the most used plugins. We love it because it consists of many features and has a user-friendly design. YoastSEO gives you advice on keyword positioning, readability and much more.
Once you start using this plugin then there is no going back. It receives impressive updates to make your site better now and then.

Features of Yoast SEO include

  • Readability checker
  • Meta description adjusting
  • Keywords analyzer
  • Optimize AMP pages
  • Premium membership that provides free support
  • XML sitemap

2. Rank Math

On-page SEO has never been easier than with Rank Math. This is your one-stop solution for most of your SEO problems. It allows you to optimize your product pages, posts, and other Taxonomies. Furthermore, you can also control no follow, no archive and no index of your pages. This plugin has the coolest features and the nicest UI.

Features of Rank Math

  • Rich Snippets markup
  • Card previews for Twitter and Facebook
  • Redirection (451, 410,307,302,301)
  • Search Console Integration
  • When it comes to fixing all your redirection issues, this app will do the best job. Besides, it has a 404 error monitor that will show o the exact number of visitors and URLs affected.

3. Google site Kit

The Google Site Kit plugin integrates with Google Analytics, AdSense and Google Search Console. In other words, they offer all their services to WordPress users under one plugin. Google site Kit is the best option because it saves you from installing so man plugins that will make your site slow.

4. Easy table of contents

Long posts can be boring if they are not broken down into sections. This is the main reason why Google encourages the use of a Table of contents. It makes the content easy to scan and the readers can get the information that they need in less time.

Before using the TOC you must ensure that your content is well- structured. For example, it must be divided into sensible subheadings. The Easy Table of Contents plugin makes your content easier to navigate.

It will have a positive effect on SEO by improving factors such as dwell time, bounce rate, and on-page. Another great advantage of using the TOC tool is that it helps one win jump links in SERPs.

5. SEOPress

This is another free SEO tool that can improve your SEO game. It contains a lot of features and yet it is lightweight. Meaning it does not cause any negative effect on your website speed. This app contains quality features that can compete with other plugins such as Rank Math and YOAST SEO.

It is designed to allow your content rank higher in the search results by a click of a few buttons. Furthermore, it is easy to use and it assembles all the SEO elements, making the work easy. Once you install this plugin, you will not have much to worry but concentrate on creating quality content.

6. Broken Link Checker

Broken links can have a negative effect on your pages in terms of ranking. This plugin helps in looking for the pages that aren’t loading. Whether it’s internal or external, this tool will show you the status of all of them.

Broken link checker provides the HTTP status of each link, hence making it easy to fix. The best thing is that it runs on the background allowing you to find the broken link as early as possible.

7. The SEO framework

As you can see, there are many choices as far as SEO is concerned. But only a few plugins that can make a significant change to your sites. The SEO framework is one of them. So far it has more than 20,000 active installations because it provides quality services.

This the tool to use if you want something lightweight and one that is easy to use. Another great advantage of using the SEO framework is that you can add more functionalities by the use of extensions such as:

  • An AMP integration
  • Local SEO
  • Article enhancement
  • Incognito mode
  • Monitoring for uptime and SEO
  • Redirects

8. Shortpixel

To make your website load faster than you need to compress the images. This is because they load slowly every time one loads our website. Shortpixel is the best plugin that you can use to optimize and compress images.

Image optimization can increase our page loading speed which has a great effect on SEO. Sing this plugin is super easy. Install and choose a few settings and the images will be optimized automatically. It features compression options such as lossless, glossy, and lossy.

Shortpixel works with formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, and GIF. If you want to optimize the images that are already on your website, you can use the bulk image optimization option.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of plugins to choose from as far as SEO is concerned. This has stirred a lot of confusion for people looking for the ultimate plugin that will solve most of their SEO needs. The list above has been selected carefully after intensive research and honest reviews from users. We do not recommend using too many SEO plugins either. It takes time finding the right plugin considering your site needs.

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