SEO blueprint to get massive organic traffic

Setting up a website is easy but getting organic traffic is not. And, only a few sites are lucky enough to be on Google’s first page. This page is mostly filled with sponsored content from Google AdWords, and the rest are high authority websites. This guide will show you how to get on Google’s first page using our SEO blueprint.

Your page can rank higher, but if it doesn’t land on the 1st page, then you will receive little or no traffic at all. SEOs will say that “the best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of the search results. So your target should always be landing on the first page.

How To Get MASSIVE TRAFFIC To Your Website in 2020

Why organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the best because it contains a lot of potential leads. This is because it represents real people that are searching for products, services, or important information. So, other sources of traffic, such as social media, contain fewer potential leads.

Visitors from the organic traffic are more likely to buy a product or a service than the other sources. Besides, they will stay on your page longer hence sending positive feedback to the Google algorithm. On the other hand, social media traffic may contain spam visitors that will leave our page as soon as they land, which is not a very good sign.

Lastly, Organic traffic will serve you for a long period, and it’s free, unlike paid or social media traffic. Paid traffic from AdWords,, social media or another source can be costly. This is why we highly recommend you improve our SEO game. It takes time and a lot of effort, but it’s worth a trial.

SEO blueprints for getting more traffic

1. Use an SEO optimized design or theme

If you are on WordPress, go for a lightweight theme or template. Some themes are so heavy that they make websites slow. This is bad news for SEO because speed is one of the top-ranking factors. A good simple design for a custom-built website is the best way to go. Avoid excessive advertising or many redirects that make pages load slowly. Also, it’s advisable to use a plugin that will compress the media on our page to increase the loading speed.

2. On-Page SEO is very crucial

On-page SEO refers to all the improvements that you can make on a particular page to perform better on the SERPs. It involves optimizing both the HTML and content of your page. On-page SEO is crucial as it can bring tons of traffic on its own. It involves improvements such as optimizing your headings, images, and HTML tags such as title, header, and Meta.

3. Off-page SEO will bring tons of traffic

This includes the activities that you can do away from your webpage and increase your traffic. This technique is straightforward and fun. Your content will perform better on the search Engine when you combine it with the on-page SEO. Some of the techniques that you can use for off-page SEO include commenting, forums, influencer outreach, Guest Author, social Bookmarking, and broken link building.

4. YouTube is the second biggest search Engine

A lot of content is consumed in the form of videos nowadays. This is why video platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and IGTV are thriving. Therefore, for your website to cope with the high competition, we strongly recommend investing in video content. This way, you can get some traffic from YouTube.

5. The newsletter is not outdated

Some people will argue that email marketing is an old-school technique, but they don’t know it’s essential. If the subscribers are genuine, then they will visit your page each time you update a post. Alternatively, it is a great platform to send updates or promotional offers to your subscribers.

6. Podcast? Yes! Yes!

Podcasts are great because they contain important information that can be indexable by Google. Besides that, some people prefer listening to content as they continue working with other staff. Podcasts are easy to set up and can help you get a lot of traffic.

7. Alternative image text

Just like the way some people love consuming video content, others prefer browsing the pictures. This is why some platforms based on pictures, such as Pinterest and Pixabay, are doing well. In addition, adding Alt text and the title helps Google understand your graphic content; hence indexing becomes easy.

8. Add a table of content

This is a great technique to boost your organic traffic. A TOC makes content easy to read and also to crawl. Furthermore, it makes our traffic interact more with the page hence sending positive signals to the algorithm.

9. Long or short posts?

Writing long posts has more advantages compared to short posts. This is because you will capture more info when you write long posts. Besides, you are highly likely to get ranked for many keywords when you write long posts. This will turn off your readers, and they will hardly come back for more information.

10. Try Google web stories

This is a new feature created by Google to remain relevant in the short stories era. All the platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have embraced Google stories. These stories help your fans get visual information in a grasp before they decide to open your full page. The search results will appear in so many ways, hence a good way to tap into organic traffic. We strongly recommend content creators to hop as soon as possible since the competitions are still low. Creating web stories is easy, especially if you are using the WordPress web stories plugin.

Wrapping up

More organic traffic means more potential leads. That’s the main reason why people opt for organic traffic. Besides, it’s free and can get you an unlimited number of visitors. On the other hand, paid traffic is costly, limiting you to a few keywords. To get massive traffic, then you need a blueprint to help you achieve. We are confident that the above SEO blueprint will help you achieve higher heights.

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