Docker is a software platform for developing applications based on containers, which are small and lightweight execution environments share the operating system kernel but execute in isolation. While containers have long been utilized in Linux and Unix systems, Docker, an open-source project established in 2013, made it easier for developers to bundle their applications to “create once and run anywhere.”

Here are some of their uses:

  • To Test Apps: A container is an excellent way to test your app before release because it allows for faster development and deployment, which means less risk and stress when submitting your app to the App Store or Google Play.
  • Provide more effective utilization of system resources: Containerized app instances require significantly less memory than virtual machines, start and stop faster, and may be packed far more tightly on their host hardware. All of this translates to lower IT spending.
  • Docker makes it possible to move applications around: It matters where you operate a corporate application – behind the firewall to keep things nearby and secure, or out in the public cloud for easy access and excellent resource elasticity. Docker containers allow apps to be quickly shuttled across environments since they encapsulate everything an application needs to execute (and only those things).

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