JavaScript is a lightweight, object-oriented programming language used on the client and server-side allowing you to make interactive web pages. It enables dynamic interactivity on websites when applied to an HTML document. 

This full-fledged, interpreted programming language helps users to build modern web apps to interact without reloading the page every time directly. It is generally used to modify HTML and CSS dynamically to update a user interface via the Document Object Model (DOM) API.

JavaScript is so popular that it has become the most used programming language in the world. Its popularity is because it’s versatile enough for various applications, like hardware controls, software, and servers.

Here are some specific uses of Javascript.

  • Front-end Interactivity: JavaScript offers increased interactivity and features that improve the web development experience.
  • Web Applications: Web apps are similar to websites. However, they are packaged into a little box providing better security controls.
  • Building Web Servers: Apart from applications and websites. Developers can also leverage JavaScript to build web servers and develop the backend infrastructure via Node.js.
  • Browser Games: You can also use JavaScript to develop browser games. The game can be either 2D or 3D.

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