In computing, a command is a directive to a computer program to perform a specific task. It is typically entered as text at a command prompt by a user and executed by pressing the Enter key. However, some commands may be executed without any input from the user. Commands are generally issued by typing them in at the command prompt, but they can also be read from a script or executed as part of another program. Commands are usually built into the operating system or implemented as separate programs known as commands or utilities. Most operating systems provide a set of commands for everyday tasks such as displaying the contents of a directory or copying files. In addition, users can create their custom commands and scripts to automate frequently-used tasks. Commands can also be executed remotely over a network connection, making it possible to control another computer from afar. When executed, a command performs some action and then exits, returning control to the user. Some commands remain active after execution, providing an environment for further work (such as a text editor or web browser) or continuing to run in the background (such as a music player).

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Having started his career in 1999 as a Desktop Support Engineer, Anto soon changed paths and became a developer. After several years of development experience, he transitioned into a consultant. As an enterprise application consultant for a leading SaaS software provider, Anto specializes in AWS's serverless technologies. By day, Anto focuses on helping customers leverage the power of serverless technologies. By night, he indulges his passion for cloud computing by playing with Python and trying out things that are currently beyond the scope of his work. Sometimes Anto needs help as there are not enough hours at night. So Anto relies on a team of fellow Cloud enthusiasts to help him out. Each one is a Cloud expert in their own right, and Anto takes great pride in helping them learn and grow.

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