How to Hire a Freelancer

When you start looking for help and run into freelancers, you do get spoilt for choice. There are so many options to choose from. Freelancer platforms like Fiverr have overΒ 830,000 freelancers. So how do you decipher the good from the bad? Who do you entrust your work to? How do you choose which Freelancer to hire?

When you are pressed for time or want extra help to get more done, you often turn to freelancers. Of course, it sounds convenient, but it rarely is. Unless you are thorough in your vetting process, you might come back disappointed. Hiring a freelancer for point tasks helps save time and money. One needs to be aware of some ground rules to ensure success. It is not as easy as throwing your requirements over the wall and expecting everything designed to perfection. There are some must-dos to ensure an optimum experience.

Give the Freelancer as many details as possible

It’s essential to be detailed, whether it is to write a bunch of code or draw up your next blog. When you are articulating your ask, be as detailed as possible. Ensure you give a high-level overview or a skeleton and break out various sections to be crystal clear to the freelancer. If it makes sense, make time to call the freelancer and be open about what you are requesting.

Hire a Freelancer with experience

Feel free to ask for past projects or samples of works completed by the freelancer. The work sample will give you a good idea of the kind of output you would be expecting, and it also sets the expectations that are good for both parties. Ask questions on credentials and fitment. Most platforms that support freelancers give you a detailed review section. Browse through past customers’ experiences. Suppose someone is new to a particular task or offering. In that case, it may be a good idea to look for someone who is more experienced as they will come with the necessary skills and experience while working in this setting.

Don’t make price the only criteria

Quality work with minimum revisions comes at a reasonable price. Don’t be swayed by lowball offers. You might not like the result, and you will end up investing time and money with nothing to show. Added frustration over the quality of the craft will be something you would like to avoid.

Start Small

Before you give your whole book to be written by a freelancer, start small by asking to write a short story or a few chapters. By starting small, you will benefit by looking at the freelancer’s style, and if not a good match, you would have saved yourself from investing too much money or time.

Ensure good communication skills

It’s imperative to hire a Freelancer with whom you can converse fluently. To avoid having things lost in translation, it’s a good idea to vet the freelancer’s communication skills. Engage with them over a chat or phone call if possible. Look for domain knowledge as well as the ability to articulate the ask. Also, make sure you use the platform’s dispute resolution system and keep communications within the platform to avoid misunderstandings.

Remain engaged with your project

Don’t hand over your requirements and disappear. Keep in touch with the freelancer and keep the conversation channel open. The freelancer may have a few follow-up questions or would like you to validate a few assumptions. If you are available and reachable, it will help them deliver the project close to your expectations. Ensure you factor in enough time to give feedback and make revisions.

Pay when you are satisfied and not in advance

Stick to the platform’s payment mechanism and use the platform’s escrow to your advantage. Most platforms ensure that the freelancer is only paid when you approve the delivered product. Avoid dealing outside the platform as there is no control over the outcomes and commitments outside the system. You will be setting yourself and your project for failure by deviating from such established norms.

Avoid dealing off the freelancing platform

At times freelancers may offer you more discounts if you work with them outside the platform. Strictly avoid doing so because there will be little or no control outside the platform. Since all communications about the project are recorded on the platform, it’s easier to sort disputes, and you have customer service to go to for resolutions.

Businesses and Individuals can find relevant and qualified contract-based workers who bring varied experience and knowledge representing many industries. It allows companies to improve their overall operations. Often freelancers are experts in their domains; through a freelancing site, you can tap into their knowledge and experience without going through a traditional full time, which involves long term commitment. If you are looking to hire freelancers to help grow your brand or business. Ensure you invest time to zero in on the right Freelancer hire.

Wrapping up

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