5 Ways to Get Your Website Noticed!

Attention is a limited commodity. We tend to “hover” over a website for a few moments and decide whether we want to spend time on it or not. Similarly, we don’t read; we screen and glean with the current attention deficit; it’s more challenging to keep a visitor longer than a few moments.

In the Attention Economy, “digital products are competing for users limited attention. The modern economy increasingly revolves around the human attention span and how products capture that attention.” Nielsen Norman Group defines the current dilemma digital marketers face. It summarizes and coins the term “Attention Economy” in the 21st century’s lexicon, which belongs to the internet.

If retaining a user’s attention was challenging enough, there lies a herculean task of actually making into the shortlist of websites our regular user plans to visit. We are talking about how to create content and rank better in the search engines to invite visitors. How long we can hold the interest of a visitor is an entirely separate thread. As per research, it takes around 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

Choose your niche

Focus on what you know.

A circle of competenceย is a term financial investors are most familiar with. It also bodes well to put across the point of being an expert. Everybody has an area of interest, or a subject one is naturally passionate about. Explore that area and choose your niche. If you wish to be seen as an expert in your field, you need to have a natural affinity towards the subject. It is essential to focus on something for which you might be passionate. The internet is a global market, and you have a high chance of getting noticed if you can find your tribe across the world, not necessarily locally.

Front-load the site

Take time to create a lot of quality content, then launch your site.

Do not launch your website with limited content. You do not want to get noticed without content. If it takes time to build more products, value propositions, and blogs, then take the time. If you launch an incomplete site or a site that is low on value or information, it will soon be dismissed to “never visit again” bin in the back alleys of the internet. The powerful algorithms that reign supreme in the search engines will be ruthless on your website. The search engines will ensure the attention deficit users never make it beyond the first few pages of the search resultโ€”the first few pages you may never make with your half-baked content.

Guest Blogging

Socialize and network with peers in the industry

Make an effort to write for other blogs; when you choose to write for others in your niche area, you are building a network and credibility within the top echelons of experts within your chosen field. It applies to your website as well. Invite other experts and build a relationship; don’t feel competitive. Ask others to write on your blog, this also helps you with content creation, and you are not always under pressure every day or week to create new content. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do it the right way

SEO is all about the process of getting your website ranked highly on search engines. It is essential to research the keywords and build content around it, so traffic is funnelled through to your site based on what keywords users are searching for. SEO is the most successful strategy to bring consistent and growing traffic to your website and provide scalable growth. Does your keyword research to ensure organic traffic heads towards your site? Rotate content around those keywords. Optimize the content, which typically involves a lot of research, but it will help to get you noticed.

Reddit / Quora

Build a reputation

Understand the inner workings of Reddit and Quora. Find the Reddits and Subreddits which are relevant to your domain. Participate, contribute, and attempt to level, so people start taking you and your knowledge seriously. There is no substitute for hard work. If you do know a thing or two about your niche subject, prove it. Reddit and Quora are your proving grounds. Outright advertisement doesn’t work in Reddit, so expect natural growth in reputation, which will take time. Quora is another online marketplace that is driven through a question-answer format. Pick the questions you are comfortable with and start answering. Expect to grow into an expert so that people reach out to you proactively to answer questions in your area of interest. Answer questions to the point, make references to studied material and be succinct. You will definitely get noticed!


One should focus on creating value and offering some portion of that real value free of cost. This focused content creation will generate the necessary word of mouth buzz initially, especially at the beginning of your journey. Use Facebook and Twitter as well to socialize your message once you have built a brand for yourself. Follow these tips to help you get noticed and success will follow.

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