Is WordPress not saving your changes?


Are you having trouble with WordPress not saving your changes? Well, I have and it is truly rather annoying! This post will demonstrate what you can do to prevent this. I have only noticed the saving issue since switching to the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5+. You can use WordPress plugins to switch back to the Classic editor, but I prefer keeping up with change.

It seems the browser cache is affecting the ability to save. Not always, but certainly when it matters! So, to side-step this issue, I temporarily disabled the cache in my browser.  

Herewith the steps I followed to stop WordPress from not saving changes:

When Using Chrome

Press the F12 key and open the ‘Developer Tools’ window.

Click on the ‘Network’ tab.

Tick the ‘disable cache’ checkbox.

Google Chrome Developer Window
Google Chrome Developer Window

When Using Firefox

Press Control+Shift+E to open the ‘Network’ tab under in the ‘Web Developer’ tools window.

Click on the ‘Disable Cache’ checkbox.

Mozilla Firefox Web Developer Window
Mozilla Firefox Web Developer Window

Other causes

Check your cache plugin if your post were saved, but you are not seeing the latest content. Cache plugins provide a way to delete the cache. WP Super Cache provides a convenient ‘Delete Cache’ link when viewing your changed post.

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